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What information will you collect when I make a purchase and how is it used?
All personal information provided in our website will only be used for order processing. In order to enuser smooth transaction, the following data is required to process all orders: your credit card information (including credit card number, expiration day, name on the card, CCV number, billing address), shipping address, phone number (for postman to contact you in case the parcel cannot be delivered) and email address (to receive email confirmations).

We use the information you provide to respond to your requests, customize your future shopping experience, improve our site and functionality, and communicate with you. We won't sell, trade or disclose your personal information including email to third parties, promise! Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?
I live outside of Hong Kong, does the Sampson store ship to my country?
Yes, we ship to the countries which are covered by Hongkong Post if you have successfully paid. At the moment, our customers come from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, most of the Asia Pacific countries, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Spain and most of the European countries.
What is the shipping charge?
The shipping charge depends on your delivery country. You can refer to the following table for the general shipping charges. If you want the exact charge, you can put your interested items into the shopping cart and check out. You can choose your delivery country in the step 3 (Shipping info.) and appropriate shipping methods will be displayed in the step 4 (Payment info.).
Standard/Air Mail Registered Mail Express
Hong Kong HK$0 HK$18 HK$33 *
China/Macau Not available HK$29 HK$103
Taiwan Not available HK$29 HK$103
Asia Pacific Not available HK$40 HK$120
Europe/U.S.A. Not available HK$42 HK$155
Please note that shipping charge is in flat rate. In other words, shipping charge will remain the same no matter how many items you purchase.
* Free local courier is provided for Hong Kong if your purchase is HK$140 or more.

How will you package the goods that I purchase from you?
All products that you purchase from us will be wrapped by a bubble sheet to protect them from damage during delivery.

Afterward, it depends on your packaging instruction, we will pack your goods in ordinary packing or gift wrapping.

What is the dimension of the parcel after packing?
We provide carton or envelope packing. Carton package can protect goods very well. However, the dimension of carton is larger and it may not fit in your mail box. In addition, we have several dimensions for quantities you purchased as follows:
Size XL:
20cm(W) x 20cm(D) x 16cm(H) /
8"(W) x 8"(D) x 6"(H)
Fit for about 6-12 packs of 12 pieces item
Size L:
20cm(W) x 16cm(D) x 10cm(H) /
8"(W) x 6"(D) x 4"(H)
Fit for about 3-5 packs of 12 pieces item
Size M:
18cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 10cm(H) /
7"(W) x 4"(D) x 3.5"(H)
Fit for about 1-2 packs of 12 pieces item
Size S:
18cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 6cm(H) /
7"(W) x 4"(D) x 2.5"(H)
Fit for about 1 pack of 12 pieces item
24cm(W) x 11cm(D) x 3.5cm(H max) /
9.5"(W) x 4.5"(D) x 1.5"(H max)
Fit for maximum 12 pieces

For most of our Japanese items, numbers such as 1000 and 2000 are printed on the package. What does it mean? It means strength?
The numbers are the retail price in Japanese Yen. For example, 500 means 500 Japanese Yen and 3000 means 3000 Japanese Yen.

I live in overseas. How will you declare the items for custom?
We declare the items as "Latex".
* Note: Since the Canadian custom exercise a very strict importation rule, we will declare the items as "Healthcare product condom".
Is there any sales tax?
No. We do our business primary in Hong Kong and there is no sales tax in Hong Kong, so even you buy our goods from USA, you don't have to pay for sales tax. However, please note that the custom in your country may charge for import tax, which is not included in the order fee.
Can I buy more than one item in one order?
Yes. We will ship all items in one batch and charge the shipping fee as stated in the delivery method of your choice.
Will there be any custom tax that I have to pay?
It depends. Please kindly note that in case custom tax applies, customer is responsible for it. Also, if the ordered items are not conformed to the import regulations of your country and thus kept or confiscated by custom, the Sampson store will not be responsible for any lost, including but not limited to the postage and the item cost. So please check with your local regulations before ordering.
If I have entered my address wrongly, how will the order be processed?
There will be a return address in every order we sent out. If the parcel returned to our office, we will charge for the exact postage (usually higher than the amount that you paid in the order) that post office charge and then we will send the order again with the corrected address.
If the parcel was lost during delivery, how will the order be processed?
If you have not receive the order two weeks after the time listed in the expected delivery date, please contact us. If registered mail or SpeedPost (EMS) is used, post office will compensate for the lost. If Hong Kong standard post is used, neither the post office nor the Sampson store will compensate any lost.
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