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Have you found products in the Sampson store fantastic? Want to sell precious and high quality condoms as your successful business? Do you want to purchase our high quality condoms in very competitive price for giving out to students or your members? Do you want to purchase our special and funky condoms as gifts in the party during seasons? The answer for the above questions can be found in the Sampson store. The Sampson store is selling over 300 special and funky condoms in different styles. In addition, we are also selling well known international brands such as Durex, Okamoto and Sagami. You can purchase different items with small quantity in order to satisfy the bulk purchase requirement and enjoy our bulk purchase discount. This arrangement avoids you to purchase large quantity of single item, yet enjoying the bulk purchase discount.

How to enjoy the bulk purchase discount?

To enjoy the bulk purchase discount, please contact our customer service officer. Please prepare your corporate name, registered contact information, business registration certificate, sales channel and region, and order quantities. After collecting your information, we will then provide a quotation to you.


  1. The information provided here is for your reference only. The terms and conditions should be confirmed upon the mutual agreement between the Sampson store and you.
  2. Enquiry. Please call to +852 3165-8845 or send email to sales[at]sampsonstore.com
  3. The Sampson store reserves the right to accept or reject your bulk purchase request.
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Sagami Original 0.02 (2nd generation) 36's Pack PU Condom
Durex Fetherlite 24's Pack Latex Condom
Durex Value Type Combo Set 48 pieces condom
Durex Thin Type Combo Set 30 pieces condom
Sagami Original 0.01 5's Pack PU Condom
Durex Air Extra Smooth 15's pack Latex Condom
Sagami Recommended Value Type Combo Set 40 pieces condom
Sampson Recommended Delay Combo Set 28 pieces condom
Okamoto 0.03 Platinum 21's Pack Latex Condom
Sagami Original 0.02 (2nd generation) 20's Pack PU Condom
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